Reset or change China Unicom service password

The Unicom’s official customer service will ask your service password sometimes when you check balance or package. This service password is initialized as last 6 numeric digits of your phone number, but the initial password is NOT accepted by the Unicom, you should change it before you use it. But the problem is: Whatever changing it by SMS or official website, there is no English hint at all, all in Chinese.If you bought from Handy China, we’ll do that for you, if not, the simplest way is text SMS instruction.


Step 1

Send the SMS below to 10010:


14081′ is the password you want to set, 6 numeric digits. Notice: please choose a complex password, a simple password like ‘000000’ or ‘123456’ will be denied by China Unicom.

Step 2

China Unicom will send you back an SMS like below in 5 minutes:


Step 3

That Unicom’s SMS means replying SMS ‘MMCZ#9841’ to confirm the new password. So reply a text SMS which content is ‘MMCZ#9841’.

9841 is a sample here, actually it’s a dynamic number.


Step 4

China Unicom will send you the confirmation SMS like below in 5 minutes, usually 2 messages.

您的密码已重置成功,请妥善保管。 【买4G就上】


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