How to recharge/Top up Unicom’s phone

In China, Once you have a prepaid Unicom phone number, the top-up is easy. With the balance, you could buy extra air times and extra data.

Handy China’s Online recharge service
Quickly and easily and commitment fee-free, but not cost-effective, because customers have to pay the PayPal service fee which is not much but cannot be avoided: China Unicom phone Online Recharge/Top up Service
If you have no time to find a local service to top up your phone, choose our service, otherwise please read on.

Online service
Unicom has Mobile APP(iPhoneAndroid), Website platformthird-part cooperators’ online servie.
It’s is convenience, but, the problems are 1. No English Service at all 2. Only Chinese credit card and online payment channel accepted.
So, for those foreign tourists, offline service is a better option.

Offline service
Although Unicom can be topped up through online service or hotline service, but the most convenient way for non-Chinese speaker to top up is going to business office or cooperative office and ask for help, or just go to any Unicom’s cooperative offices of agents, buy a prepaid phone card, ask them to help you to top-up.

At last, if you have Chinese friends, don’t hesitate to ask them to do this for you, it’s easy for every Chinese people with their credit card and online payment channel.

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