Check the balance/credit/package of China Unicom’s account


  1. China Unicom’s Offical Website
  2. China Unicom’s Mobile APP
  3. China Unicom’s Hotline
  4. SMS Instructions
  5. China Unicom’s Business office

China Unicom’s Offical Website
The China Unicom’s online service is an online self-service platform on which users can make inquiries, find information, make transactions, activate services, pay the bills, buy products and get support. After logging in, users can check bills, customize services, change services, report failures, top up pre-paid cards, buy cards and terminals, learn about promotional packages and watch service demonstrations.

1.Access Unicom’s official website,
2.Login with phone number and service password

*Random password is a password Unicom sent to you as SMS when you have no or forgot your service password.

3. Click ‘Self-service’ (自助服务)

4.To check balance, click the ‘Balance’ (话费查询) in the side menu.

5.To check the package, click the ‘Package’ (使用量查询) in the side menu.

– On any device with network connections
– No English service available
– Network connection needed


China Unicom’s Mobile APP
1. Install the Unicom’s Mobile APP (iPhoneAndroid) If you failed to install the APP anyway, so far, we have no idea, maybe you should try “China Unicom’s Hotline (see below)”

2. Click the portrait in the right-up corner on the landing page to login

press ‘Login’ (登录)

3. Log in with your phone number and service password

4. To check balance, click ‘Balance’ (实时话费) on the landing page:

5. To check the package, click ‘Data’ (上网流量) on the landing page:

– Anywhere with your mobile phone
– Only Android or iOS
– No English service available
– Internet needed

China Unicom’s Hotline
China Unicom’s 10010 customer service hotline provides around-the-clock services such as inquiry, consulting, failure report, handling of complaints and suggestions, business transactions and recharge service.

Call 10010, select the English artificial services.
NOTICE For getting normal information, just call 10010 whichever city you are in China, but for detail information, like extra data or complimentary airtimes etc., you need to call the number: area code + 10010, area code comes from the city that the SIM was issued from. We give you this area code in the delivery notification email.

– English service available
– Inefficient, inconvenience

SMS Instructions
Sending SMS instruction to China Unicom’s hotline: 10010

the balance of this month: send ‘cxhf’

package usage of the current month: send ‘cxyl’

– Anytime Anywhere
– No network connection needed
– No English service available
– Difficult to understand


China Unicom’s Business office
China Unicom’s Business offices provide services such as request handling, bill payment, on-site marketing, service demonstration, customer experience, customer care, brand promotion, consulting and complaints handling. As a supplement, there are a large number of cooperative offices of agents to form a multi-level connected distribution network to provide customers with quality services.
You could find them easily on the road in the big or medium city, or find them by online map

– All in one solution
– Maybe English service
– Inefficient, inconvenience

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